Member of one of the leading retail group of companies in Greece and the Balkans in providing quality consumer durable goods.

    ΙΚΕΑ Stores
    HOUSEMARKET is the exclusive franchisee of IKEA in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria.


Housemarket S.A, is the parent company of Group HOUSEMARKET. The company is operating in Greece and through its subsidiaries in Cyprus and in Bulgaria.

Through its presence in three countries, it operates eight IKEA stores (five in Greece, one in Cyprus and two in Bulgaria), nine Pick-Up Points (six in Greece, two in Bulgaria and one  in Cyprus) and three e-commerce stores (one in each country of operation).


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Presence in three countries

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Bonds Buy Back


Financial Calendar Update


Announcement - Completion of Publicity Formalities of Draft Demerger Plan


Announcement of Segment Spin-Off and Approval of Draft Demerger Plan



HOUSEMARKET - Non-Convertible Corporate Bond Loan


Announcement for 20th Interest Period


Announcement for 19th Interest Period


Announcement for 18th Interest Period





Draft of the Demerger Plan of HOUSEMARKET SA through the spin-off of its real estate segment and transfer/contribution into TRADE ESTATES REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT COMPANY

The Draft of the demerger plan is available only in Greek





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  • Telephone: 

+30 210-3543551 (IKEA Service Office Greece)

  • Email:

accounting.stores@fourlis.gr  (Accounting Department and Investor Relations)

mail@ikea.gr   (IKEA Service Office Greece)

  • Address: Building 501,Commercial Park of A.I.A.
    EL. VENIZELOS, Paiania, GR-19019, Athens
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